Dive sites – 18 to 40 meters

Whale Rock
26 to 38 meters

Clown fish, wrasses, parrot fish, small moray eel, various trigger fish, buttefly fish and angel fish can be found at 20 meters. If you are more experienced, you can venture further and if you are lucky, you may meet small sharks, large puffer fish and a stunning leopard moray eel.

Lost Anchor
24 to 30 meters

Sea fans, black corals and soft corals are the main attractions of this place which consists of three peaks to form the site. An impressive anchor, also covered with sea fans, can be seen. Along the dive, there are often pelagic fish, stonefish, scorpion fish, porcupine fish and lobsters.

Holt Rock
16 to 25 meters

It is a large block covered with sea fan and soft corals. Varieties of marine life such as emperor fish, angel fish, trigger fish, buttefly fish, scorpion fish, lobsters, crayfish and more all call Holt’s Rock home.

Black Forest
30 to 40 meters

Deep dive with lots of black corals and big fish encounters are likely with sharks, barracuda, eagle rays and stingrays all in the area. It has an interesting topography and a huge sea fan.

30 to 35 meters

Very interesting topography with lots of sea fans, schools of big eye snapper, squirrel fish, giant moray eels, eagle rays and a variety of soft corals. Very colorful!

Cosair’s Wall
40 meters

Big drop offs and an abundance of pelagic fish. This dive is for those divers with a deep dive speciality. Rich fauna with sea fans, soft corals and an old anchor too! It’s an impressive wall.

King Fish Kingdom

18 to 28 meters

An interesting topography with huge rock formations. It’s ideal for drift diving and schools of bat fish, barracuda and snapper are often seen. There are also groupers, eagle rays and stingrays.

Tuna Wall
30 to 40 meters

This is a huge drop off wall, with lots of sea fan and black corals inhabited by small fish which creates a perfect cleaning station for pelagic fish. Often seen on this dive site is tuna, stingray, turtles, jack fish and sharks.