Dive sites – 5 to 18 meters

Coral Garden
12 to 18 meters

Dive site with lots of corals, always good visibility and inhabited by large amounts of big eyed squirrel fish, schools of goat fish, titan trigger fish, other trigger fish and anemone.


Corsair Reef
7 meters

Shallow dive site, ideal for beginners. Lots of tropical fish and an interesting topography with easy access. Good visibility.


Confetti Bay
5 to 18 meters

A confetti of tropical fish with good visibility and secure condition. It has a nice surrounding with Gunner’s Quoin Island.


Merville Patches
14 meters

Very interesting dive site with lots of moray eel of various types and sizes. Various fish rangin from the devil scorpion fish, leaf fish and schools of blue stripped snapper though to octopus. It’s a photographer’s paradise aided by the very good visibility.


Grand Bay Aquarium
14 meters

It is a shallow oasis, calm and sheltered. The amazing light illuminates a medley of dense fauna: soft and hard corals play home to many fish species including angel fish as well as torpedo rays and small moray eels.


Mimi’s Arche
8 to 12 meters

Ideal for beginners with a small drop off. Lots of hard corals and a huge arche filled with various tropical fish, schools of rabbit fish, lobsters, colorful parrot fish, puffer fish, grouper and various butterfly fish.


Chilli Drop
5 to 12 meters

Dive site with a small drop off. Rich in tropical fish and soft coral. Easy dive site with mild current to drift with.


Poison Reef
10 to 18 meters

Shallow dive site with an abundance of sea life, thus creating a perfect dive site for beginners. As the name suggests, lots of venomous fish can be seen such as scorpion fish, lion fish and stone fish as well as quite a few other tropical fish including the hard to spot, leaf fish. There are also a large variety of moray eel in this area.