Dive Sites – Wreck Dives

Stella Maru
18 to 24 meters

The Stella Maru was a Japanese trawler which was deliberately sunk in 1987 and is still in great condition, providing shelter to many species of fish.

You could see blue trigger fish, flying scorpion fish, goat fish, parrot fish and moray eels.


Emily & Water Lilly
23 to 25 meters

Emily and Water Lilly are two barges which were scuttled to make an artificial reef. The barges are a fascinating dive experience. A vast amount of tropical fish can be seen on both and a number of eels have made their homes in different corners of the wrecks.


Silver Star
39 meters

This Silver Star is an old Japanese fishing boat sunk to make an artificial reef. Rich in life and visited by stingrays and pelagic fish.


34 meters

A Japanese fishing boat which was sunk purposely in 1998. Good weather conditions gives intense ambience with the beauty of color and light drawing you in. There are shoals of pelagic fish including tuna, barracuda and eagle rays.