First Dive - Discover Scuba

Northern Mauritius is a fantastic place to learn how to dive. The ocean is calm and full of life.

This course is for recreational divers curious to discover the secrets of the underwater world and who have no experience at all in diving.

You will initially be trained in the pool by one of our qualified instructors who will introduce you to the underwater world and teach you how to use scuba equipment and standard accessories for diving in a safe and secure environment.

This will ensure you have the necessary skills to safely enjoy your first dive.

Then you will see corals, a variety of fish and if you’re lucky, maybe even a turtle!

Diving is open to all ages (subject to medical conditions) and we have smaller tanks to suit younger children.

Most participants return from their introductory dive to make a booking for another dive or to gain a diving qualification.

Dive Spirit Mauritius Scuba Diving Training for beginners